Adventure in the saddle

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In the Equestrian Academy, we prepare riders from scratch to participate in social competitions. The individual predispositions and skills of the students determine their achievements in the competitions. We also prepare for the riding exam, and our competitors earn distinctions – from bronze through silver to gold. From time to time show jumping competitions are also organized in Kuraszkow.


Hippotherapy is a targeted therapeutic activity designed to improve man’s functioning in the physical, emotional, cognitive and social spheres, during which a specially-prepared horse is an integral part of the therapeutic process. Every disabled person, suffering from any disease or disorder, may get special benefits from hippotherapy. After a few weeks of therapy, most people who use the treatments achieve gradual progress in the coding of the correct gait pattern, normalization of muscle tone, improvement of balance, coordination and orientation in space, as well as stimulation of exteroceptive sensation. It is a beautiful thing to be able to observe how horse riding, movement and exercise help in rehabilitation.

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Jesionowa 9
55-120 Kuraszków

tel. 71 310 10 24
mail recepcja@akademiakuraszkow.pl

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