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The horse stud is run with love and passion. The host, trainers and the entire staff of the Equestrian Academy treat animals like their family. The horse stud in Kuraszkow was created for the safety, health and comfort of our charges. All boxes are constructed in accordance with the art and standards applicable to such facilities. Pregnant mares have their delivery box. Each animal is treated as a real member of our community.

The Equestrian Academy was the first activity created in the Kuraszkow Academy. We put our whole heart into the world of horses. Our love for these animals was behind our other academies related to nature, movement and recreation. Here, we will show you our love for horses and nature.


  15min 30min 1h
Carriage ride x x PLN 250
Individual ride (including 15 min. saddling and cleaning the horse)       PLN 75
Sports ride (jumps) x x PLN 90
Recreational ride x PLN 35 PLN 40
Guides PLN 15
Longe x PLN 35 PLN 70
Hippotherapy x PLN 30  x

Pastures located near the Academy provide a paddock for horses, where they are often let out without a saddle – saute. The nearby meadows are the same as those where riding lessons are organized. A year-round, modern indoor manege, horse training machine and circular track have been built at the Academy itself.

Indoor manege kon zolty.png [73 KB]

Rain, snowstorms, hurricanes – these are just some of the obstacles faced by riders. However the weather is not terrible for us in the Kuraszkow Academy! We do not deny the pleasure of horse riding when the atmosphere is not conducive. The year-round, modern, full-sized, lighted manege meets the expectations and standards of the riders! A humidified quartz surface is recommended all over the world as the best for horses. In addition to the riding comfort, we have taken care of our beloved animals. Safety and their convenience is the key issue for us. Attendees are invited to the entresol located inside the manege. From here you can enjoy games played between horses and riders and drink warm tea and delicious cocoa on colder days. We also invite you to go driving of an evening.

Our trainers

Great, patient people, full of passion and love for horses:
Mrs. Bozena Kamola, phone number: 697 962 442
Mrs. Wiktoria Juszczyk

Our horse charges  

LADY The oldest twenty-year old horse came to us from Cracow. She is a wonderful horse-professor. As a true lady, she is very patient and willing to teach beginner riders to jump over the first obstacles. Formerly specializing in eventing, she has taken part in many competitions in which she had many success stories!
CZARNY AND EMIL Two gray horses, two brothers both of large size. Both are of Silesian origin. They are very adorable. When recalling riding on them, the riders use the statement that “sitting on them is like sitting on the couch.”
NILA She loves to cuddle and is an unusual pet :) She has two daughters – Queen Nutka and Amua.
QUEEN NUTKA A beautiful, well-behaved mare. Just like her mom – she loves to cuddle :)
AMUA Our  "tiny" vixen, beautiful and unique.
LAWINA A very patient and understanding mare; children see their first views from her saddle.
LOLEK Son of Lawina, a little rascal, but very cuddly.
LUCEK Beautifully colored. He is a rascal, like his brother Lolek.
YOKE AND WIESIEK       For the youngest and smallest, two Shetland ponies, mother and son, lovable pets; children learn the first horse care together with them.
DEBBY From the very first day, she has won the hearts of our riders, both beginners and those who have ridden for longer.
FLEUR Our „flower”, often simply called RED due to her color.
DOYALINE Very pretty mare. Her strength is found in the jumps.
ELMA Friesian horse, very majestic and beautiful, loves to be in the spotlight.
NESTI Gray Welsh pony. She is the latest horse in the stable, very energetic and cheerful.
LISTEK One-year-old son of Lady, his best friend is Lucek, they are inseparable.

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Jesionowa 9
55-120 Kuraszków

tel. 71 310 10 24
mail recepcja@akademiakuraszkow.pl

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