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Every parent will probably know how quickly a child can get bored with adult conversation and starts looking for an activity. He/she snoops around under the table and gets around to capers in the corners of the room, which becomes embarrassing and often causes a premature end of the long-awaited time out. We have an idea! Our activity leaders will bring your children to the playroom, where they will show them educational games, take them to the horse stud and propose participation in one of our academies. You do not have to deny yourself the pleasure of going out to the restaurant. Now, the family dinner becomes a real pleasure.

Academy of forest and salt elves

But that is not everything! Children from kindergartens and schools also have one more attraction. This is the academy of forest and salt elves. Therefore, we invite you to the forest for an eventful walk. This trip will be organized by Piotr, who knows everything about it. He works everyday as a woodsman so the forest has no secrets for him. During the walk, Piotr will share his knowledge with the participants: he will show the paths animals follow and their tracks, tell them about the plants encountered along the way and about the wind in the trees of the forest in Kuraszkow. But before we go on this trip, we will learn how to make shapes from solid salt. Asia will help you to make every figurine that comes to your mind. Then, you will paint them and give them to your mom, dad, grandmother, grandfather or whoever you want. Information about the academy can be obtained and registrations taken on the phone through Maciek on 609 777 129. The cost of participation in the workshops for one child is PLN 75.

We will ensure that you have lots of fun!



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