Offer for companies

Organize with us a training course for your employees, conference or corporate jubilee. Get away from the office and city bustle. Come to us and integrate yourselves in a peaceful natural environment. We will show you unusual ways of spending time together in the form of educational and recreational academies. Here we have come up with everything you need on the spot! All you have to do is choose what works best for your team from our many prepared solutions and attractions.

Rental of conference rooms kon seledynowy.png [73 KB]

  number of people equipment 8 hours
Room 1 up to 30 projector PLN 400
Room 2 up to 30 LCD 100" TV PLN 400 

* the rooms are air-conditioned

The price for renting the room includes:

  • free Internet access
  • "flipchart" table

Coffee break and catering

We have several options for your coffee break during your training courses and conferences. This is our standard offer, but if you have any other wishes, we will definitely accommodate them. We also prepare vegetarian and vegan meals, dietary snacks, lunch during training and the evening barbecue. Our offer also includes exclusive dinners for companies and important guests and contractors.

Option 1 – biscuits, dessert cake, filled sandwiches made from our own baked bread, with ham from our smokehouse or regional cheese, home produced mayonnaise, lettuce from our garden and regional pickles, coffee, tea, water with lemon PLN 45/person.
Option 2 biscuits, mini donuts, mini meringue, mini rolls with grains baked by us, fillet fruits, whole fruits, “one bite” vegetables with our home-made sauces, coffee, tea, water with lemon PLN 69/person.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

The environment in which we are located inspires us not only to work more effectively during training, but above all to give us the opportunity to react to everyday stresses. That is why we invented our academies! These are organized forms of spending time in an active and creative way. In the Culinary Academy you will to make bread and pizza yourself in a real wood-fired oven. We can also take our bikes and, while exploring the surrounding woodlands, go to the friendly, master golf course Gradi Golf Club where you will learn the basics of golf. We will take you on a kayak trip into the magical Barycz Valley. You can have also great fun without moving from the spot! You can shoot a professional bow, ride a horse, and finally relax in the sauna, steam bath and brine graduation tower. And this is just the beginning, because we have quite a few more ideas! If you want to learn about the academies we are currently organizing, click here..

Stay longer in our hotel

Seventeen air-conditioned double rooms with two separate beds are waiting for groups that would like to spend some more time outside the office. The rooms are modern and comfortably furnished. Nearly each of them has a sofa bed for a third person. In the hotel lobby we have a fireplace and a well-equipped bar. In the price of the accommodation we invite you to use the mini spa zone, and to eat a delicious buffet breakfast in our restaurant in the morning.


Jesionowa 9
55-120 Kuraszków

tel. 71 310 10 24
mail recepcja@akademiakuraszkow.pl

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