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Explorers’ Expeditions

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Questing is an educational outdoor terrain-based game that combines the elements of fun, science, treasure hunting and the joy of discovery. It was established in the United States, and has been successfully developed in Poland for several years now. It is also an original method of discovering and promoting the cultural, historical and natural heritage of a region or town. Participants navigate unmarked routes on the basis of versatile clues. Their goal is to find the treasure and guess the password. Each quest presents a specific theme, so there may be several explorers’ expeditions in a single village, presenting various aspects of local specifics. Its main purpose is to draw the participant’s attention to the unique elements of the place, related to local nature, history and culture. It is also important to discover the unique character of the space – the genius loci. During the explorers’ expeditions, it is important to pay attention to seemingly ordinary places and see their uniqueness and attractiveness.

Treasures of Kuraszkow

There are two Explorers’ Expeditions in Kuraszkow. The first one is called the Track of Freaks from Kuraszkow, and lasts about one hour. The expedition presents interesting people from Kuraszkow, their passions, interests, daily life and obstacles encountered while working for the local community. The second expedition is Kuraszkow at the beginning of the twentieth century. This short, 30-minute walk will take you to the beginning of the twentieth century in Kuraszkow, where you will discover interesting areas of this charming place, along with their over 100 years of history. Both expeditions should start from the Youth Hostel, the Kuraszkow Manor House at 2 Turystyczna Street. Such walks, in the specific microclimate of Kuraszkow, will improve physical fitness and lung capacity, but above all, are a great way to spend an active time.

The expeditions were created in cooperation with the LGD Kraina Wzgorz Trzebnickich Association and the Przyjaciele Kuraszkowa Lipowa Dolina Association, and their supervisor is Waldemar Brozyna. To start the tour, simply download the treasure search instruction from the quest website. 

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