Family integration

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What distinguishes the Kuraszkow Academy is its location. It is a great place for families with children. Open space, the proximity of forests, tourist trails, away from urban bustle. All this gives our guests the sense of comfortable freedom and privacy, but above all, gives an opportunity to spend time together as a family. The area in which we are based offers many opportunities for cycling trips, walking and long conversations. We have prepared the Academies for you, which is our way of playing games and having fun: horse riding, socializing, fishing for probably the first time in your life, looking for the tracks of animals. Maybe camping in the woods and a nighttime vigil in a tent? Uncommon adventures for which almost no one ever has time. We, here in Kuraszkow, will come up with everything for you! At every turn, you will learn about history, following in the footsteps of Queen Hedwig and Prince Probus. We have our Collection of Polish Kings and a beautifully published Trilogy. Maybe you want to look at the stars using our electronic telescope? You will see them really close up – that is our Academy of the Sky. Baking of rolls and pizza together in a real wood-fired stove – you will do it in the Academy of Pizza and Bread. Father with son, mother with daughter – when you do not have time for yourself in the week, the Kuraszkow Academy is the perfect place to slow down and catch up.

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Jesionowa 9
55-120 Kuraszków

tel. 71 310 10 24
mail recepcja@akademiakuraszkow.pl

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