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The Nordic Walking Academy

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Nordic walking combines a traditional march with cross-country skiing. It resembles a natural walk, but with poles in your hands. The movement is free and unforced, and the poles make the training more effective. The undoubted advantage of Nordic walking is the fact that it can be practiced by anyone, regardless of gender or age. However, before deciding on this physical activity, you should know some principles of proper walking with poles, that are based on the combination of the work of hands and legs.

 At first glance, everything looks innocent and simple 

As in the case of any form of sport, such walking improves fitness, body performance and relieves joints. Thanks to the use of the poles, hikes are easier, and you can walk longer without fatigue. Even an older person and those who have suffered from disease, can calmly practice Nordic walking. Importantly, the body produces more endorphins during the training, which improve our mood and well-being.

The technique of proper walking is the key to success. Teaching this starts without the poles, taking long steps with heels. Special attention should be paid to posture – the back must be upright, the arms must be relaxed, we must look ahead, and don’t watch our step. Initially, the poles are pulled behind us and we must keep an eye on the upright position. Then, we add swings of the arms and put the poles in motion, without sticking them into the ground. Once we master the above basics, we grab the handle of the pole with our hand and try to stick it into the ground. Pushback should be directed backward (rather than downward). The hand protruding ahead cannot be higher than the navel line, and the point where we stick the pole is about halfway through the pace. We stick the pole into the ground with our hand closed on the handle, while the straight hand goes backward through the hip line – we push ourselves off the ground, let go of the pole, open our hand and move it forward. The glove at the poles allows you to return your hand back without the need to hold the handle, which results in the poles always being attached to the hand. Keep in mind that the sharp ends of the poles, i.e. the boltheads, should always be at the back.

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As you can see, the basic feature is the correct motor pattern. Taking care of your health, we prepared the Nordic Walking Academy, during which your fitness will be handled by a qualified trainer. He will show you the correct posture, as well as the work of the legs and hands, and tell you about the area, showing all its charms. And here are a lot of them – forest ducts, hills and meadows.

 Price list

Number of participants Price per person
4 40zł
5 and more 30zł
  • the minimum number of participants: 4 persons
  • the price includes the rental of poles and the assistance of an instructor

* The Academy is available by prior appointment

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Jesionowa 9
55-120 Kuraszków

tel. 71 310 10 24
mail recepcja@akademiakuraszkow.pl

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